I have had recurring back problems for quite some time, mainly sciatica and S.I. joint issues. I  have seen different people for help and whilst the treatment helped in the short term, there was no long term fix. Nor any exercises that worked to alleviate the problem at home.
Found Judith in Callao Salvaje and went for treatment. I was impressed at her ability to diagnose my problems and treat them effectively. Furthermore, she advised me of certain stretching exercises which keep me going and able to play the sports I like.
I have recommended her to friends who have also benefited from treatment and would recommend her to anyone with any sort of back injury, or other injuries for that matter, for effective diagnosis and treatment.

Graham Mudie

On the evening of the 16th May 2002, I was hurrying back to my hotel in London to watch the European Cup final. As I had been traveling for work all week I was carrying a heavy case through many stops on the underground. I remember climbing the stairs at Baker Street and half way up twisting my back. I knew right away I had damaged my spine. For many years afterwards I constantly visited many doctors, chiropractors and homeopathic practitioners on an almost weekly basis. I learned the triggers which would cause me pain. Driving or sitting on a plane for long periods, twisting whilst lifting something heavy. As my job consisted of constant travel these were difficult to avoid so I was in almost constant pain. In the summer of 2013 I retired to Tenerife which in theory should have been beneficial to my condition. However, on several occasions my back would seize and leave me unable to walk or even move on one occasion. It was then my wife introduced me to Judith. Immediately I was impressed by her knowledge and understanding of my particular injury. She seemed to know exactly where the pain was and explained the science behind the treatment she gave me. I was given some exercises to strengthen particular muscles to support my spine which I have to say really helped my condition. What also really impressed me was that being preconditioned to being told that I would need regular repeat visits to my previous practitioners at considerable cost, Judith told me that usually one treatment followed up by exercise would be sufficient. This proved to be the case and on the few occasions when I have injured myself and had to visit her, it has always worked really well for me. Thankfully I have been mostly pain free for the last two or three years which I attribute to my change of lifestyle but mostly to the treatment and sound advice Judith has given me. I never hesitate to recommend Judith to anyone I hear of who has skeletal problems as I truly believe that she has a different approach and really understands the science behind what she does. Eternally grateful.

Michael Bagnicki

For over two months I had been experiencing pain in the left side of my lower body, I was fine most of the day when I was constantly moving at my job as a busy waitress but when I sat down to relax at the end of the day I was finding that after no more than 5 minutes the pain would start in my hip and I would have to stand again. The most excruciating pain would start a about 4 in the morning, every night I would be woken up by what felt like a knife being stuck into my hip and lower back. Eventually the pain started moving down my leg, not always in the same place, sometimes in my thigh, sometimes my ankle, my shin, behind my knee, it wasn’t as bad as the pain in my hip but was extremely annoying. I had been recommended to have a massage by Judith by different people but I have never been a believer in therapy relief I decided to go to the doctor. After an X-ray I was told that my sciatic nerve was being crushed by my lower vertebrates and given medication to relieve the pain and an exercise sheet to follow and was told that there was not much else I could do. Another month passed and although I took the medication and followed the exercise sheet I still found no improvement so I decided that maybe it was time to pay a visit to the highly recommended Judith. I wasn’t convinced that she would be able to help me but I had to try something. She was very friendly and made me feel comfortable straight away. I explained my discomfort and she set to work, first of all on what I was convinced was a damaged hip. Within 10 minutes she had relaxed the muscles and told me to take a deep breath,
with a little pressure I could feel a muscle which was obviously trapped in the wrong, place slot back into place, immediately the pain in the hip that I had been suffering for months disappeared, I couldn’t believe it. The rest of the pains which I had not knowingly caused myself by overcompensating some muscles by trying to reduce the pain in others are gradually improving. I have neglected my muscles and although I am generally an active person I am not ‘sharing out the work’ evenly. Judith has explained this to me in a  comprehend able way and has made me understand the importance of different movements and exercises. Without a doubt I would still be in pain if I hadn’t visited her, I’m very grateful for her help.

Julia Powney

As a surfer who sits all day at work I used to suffer with back pain … lots of back pain! I was left disappointed by doctors and a chiropractor that didn’t help me in the least and my herniated disk returned multiple times. Then after a brief session working on a sprained ankle Judith “took a look” at my back, diagnosed me straight away “posterior pelvic tilt” and showed me a routine of stretches that improved my situation immediately and within a year I was completely pain free. Friendly, professional and, most importantly, delivering results I would thoroughly recommend Judith to anyone. I only wish I had met her sooner.

Richard Potticary