Our baby Massage course was set up to help bring the joys of baby massage to families.

I am a mother of 4 and practising physiotherapist.

all fourMy children are no longer babies but I know how much massage strengthened our bond when they were small and helped us deal with colic and other periods of stress and illness.


Research has shown that benefits of massage to the child receiving massage…

  • Improves body awareness1085-ori-Masaje_terapeútico_Shantala._Curso_presencial
  • Improves relaxation and release of accumulated stress
  • Stimulates circulation
  • Strengthens digestive, circulatory and gastrointestinal systems, which can lead to weight gain
  • Reduces discomfort from teething, congestion, gas, colic and emotional stress
  • Improves muscle tone coordination
  • Increases elimination, circulation and respiration
  • Improves sleep patterns
  • Increases hormonal function

Benefits to the parent of giving massage:

  • Improves sense of well-being
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Reduces stress
  • Improves overall health
  • Helps strengthen non verbal communication with your child.

When massage is introduced early it can become a part of routine and baby learns how they feel when receiving massage and can come to ask for massage when they feel they need it, if feeling sick or sore. It can aid unspoken communication between care giver and child. But it’s ok to start with older children too.  At any age you can introduce massage to your children.

On this 5 week  course we will learn how to massage the baby, do some simple stretches and help  improve baby’s strength, all this whilst benefiting from the beauty of sharing the relaxation and health benefits of massage with your child and how the whole family can benefit too.

We teach the traditional baby massage routine over five-weekly sessions, to avoid over-stimulation we choose not to mix massage with any other new baby programs.

Week 1 – Leg MassageBaby Massage 5 weeks

Week 2 – Stomach massage, including the colic routine (and recap on leg strokes)

Week 3 – Chest and arms massage (and recap on stomach and legs)

Week 4 – Face and back massage (and recap all previous strokes)

Week 5 – Whole body massage and gentle yoga stretches

I will demonstrate techniques on a doll and will never massage your baby, the only person to touch or massage the babies  in our classes is the childs parent or caregiver.

  • Our course lasts 5 weeks
  • Baby should be between 0 and 12 months of age or non crawling
  • One or both parents are welcome to come, but we ask that no siblings come along to class to maintain a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Basic matting is provided but please bring a large towel and blanket for using during massage
  • Loose comfortable clothing
  • Something warm and confortable for baby to wear after your session.
  • Each session lasts 1 hour.
  • We have a private Facebook group where our parents can chat and share experiences of their massage.
  • Cost for the 5 week course including materials and membership of our Facebook Group 125€
  • Numbers are limited to 6 to assure a personal group and 1:1 support.

Next Group Dates….

Wednesday November 18th 2015 –  16th December 2015 at 18.00

Sunday January 17th 2016 – Feb 14th 2016 at 16.00

To reserve your place you can click the paypal link and we will be informed of your booking and confirm all details to you. If you have any further questions please call  638 513 870 or email [email protected]

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