Are you a woman that has seen many changes in her life over the years and you don’t feel like ‘YOU’ anymore?

Are you feeling the need of a change but don’t know in what?

Are you thinking that change would be a good idea, but don’t know where to start?

Are you ready to hatch a healthier, happier you?

Have you started to make changes, done really well and then , well stopped?

Then buckle up, because you  could be a perfect fit for our 8 week online journey.. All Change!

Join me on this journey and together we will  build some solid foundations to help you to define and make real changes.

Support is also found in an online group of peers in addition to me. You will be surprised to find that you are not alone in your quest for change. And you are definately NOT on your own as a woman that no longer feels like herself!

My name is Judith McFadden. And I will be your facilitator for change!
My lifes work is in helping women claim the health and happiness they deserve.

I have 4 children between the ages of 22 and 5. Have been self employed and worked for others since the age of 15. I have worked in floristry and gift industry, marketing and advertising, technology and health, fitness, health  & wellbeing.

My career in public speaking, coaching  and helping people be their best spans over 18 years.

I have spent 15 years, with last 9 years operating Origins Wellness Clinic in Tenerife, where I look after both residents and holidaymakers alike.. Improving their lifestyles and helping them make changes to their mindset and bodies to live healthier, happier lives.

What people are saying about All Change

“I loved this programme, I think, because it loved me. For a start, Judith runs the course like your best friend.”

” I ended up much more at home with myself. I gained confidence.”

“She gives you a perfect environment, a closed group of women all going through the same thing. So the feeling of being able to dig deep and say honestly how you felt was liberating, and I think that was half the battle”

“I’m finding that being outside my comfort zone does not have to be scary. That there is a sort of peacefulness in accepting myself where I am at the moment. And I find this spreads out, like ripples on a pond, to include everyone I come into contact with, or think about.”

What you can expect from the programme:

  • At the end of the process you will have made definitive steps towards changes.
  • To feel healthier and more energetic.
  • To have dropped inches.
  • You will be happier  in your own skin!
  • You will have a clear defined set of activities and processes of what you need to do to make change in your life.
    • Whatever that change means for you as an individual.
  • You will have learnt what triggers are and what triggers YOU!
  • Learning how to reduce stress, tension and pain in your body.
  • You will have a whole toolbox of skills and tools at your disposal to continue your growth!
  • You will also have made new friends with people that understand what you are going through!!

Our Eight week All Change programme is delivered in the form of :

  • Two weekly hour long group call, including lessons and discussion.
  • Daily messages direct to your inbox with tasks, and updates.
  • Daily movement & exercise plans.
  • Lifetime access to a private Facebook group with daily support and interaction, including access to all activities and homework for you as part of your All Change process.
  • A one to one session with me mid way through our journey.

Jump on board right now, reserving  your place at  399€ 

All Change is a holistic programme where we work to re programme your mindset to support your moves towards a healthier happier life.

As part of this wonderful programme, All Change,  we will give you access to our Meditation Library which I previously reserved for my 1:1 clients Free of charge!

Our meditations use a base of brainwave music, specific to each meditation topic to

help really delve into the mind and make lasting change.

The 8 week online All Change Programme is 399€

with an early Bird Discount of 349€  if booked before July 10th 2017

Discounted Early Booking offer 349€ 

Full price 399€  booking after 10th July 2017

Don’t waste more time not feeling like  the real you! 

Let me help you recognise the deep triggers that are keeping you stuck in

an unfulfilling cycle that NEEDS to change before you can make any lasting changes in your life.

Let’s light up the path for you so you can truly feel the energy and zest for life that you know is available to you.

If you are not completely satisfied with the programme after participating,

I will refund your investment!

This is a no risk investment, unless …you are enjoying your current humdrum existence way to much to live a life full of happiness, wellness and joy.

The life YOU truly deserve.

Reserve your place now!


If you are really serious about changing your existence to a life full of energy then the time is now!

Lets explore together, the changes that YOU can make to help YOU claim the health, happiness and life that YOU deserve!!

Book a Clarity Call with me to chat over any questions you have.

If you have any questions at all don’t hesitate to contact me

[email protected] — Through Facebook 


All Change is a product of Origins Wellness Tenerife 2016