Have you had enough of feeling bloated and tired??

Give us 7 days and we will help you boost your energy and kick start your fat loss.



In just 7 days you will see and feel real results..
You will
Feel more energy
Sleep Better
Realise that eating clean really is simple
Are you put off by the thought of it being too hard to follow a nutrition programme or not being able to fit it into your busy schedule.
The Origins 7 Day detox is was written by a Busy Mum for Busy people.
This plan is for people who are willing to make the changes to their shopping list, cooking and eating habits and break the cycle.



My name is Judith McFadden and I am a business owner and mother of 4. I wrote all fourthis detox as I needed a clean up myself and simply couldn’t take the time at the moment to do one of my more extreme cleanses which I have done in the past. I needed to eat well to keep up my energy and I needed easy things to do to fit in with my schedule. On top of that I have a very hungry partner so I  made some adaptations for him so that he could cleanse too without the inch loss side of things being taken into account.

extreme-dietMany of us have tried various diets and eating styles but what happens is, we slip back into the same routines as before and lose the momentum..then.. we get back to being bloated, tired, feeling fat..

This is especially a typical hazard of meal replacement diets, you replace food with a shake and limited calorie in take, then when you start eating food again…BOOM…It’s all about choices. And this book has been written to give you a good base of how you can use 7 days to change how you feel, completely!! So whenever you hit a wall or have had a bad week or month, just jumps back on the plan and away you go.

self-controlThe recipes are delicious and easy to make and with just a little bit of forward planning, really easy to fit around your busy life.


From the 7 Day Detox you can expect to achieve





  • Weight loss
  • Inch loss
  • Increased energy
  • Increased mental clarity
  • Increased motivation
  • Decreased bloating
  • Better Sleep



Just 7 days to achieve those things?
Yes and here is how we will help you do it.
On the programme you will join our Private Facebook Group for support coaching and advice.
We will also GIVE you the gift of Judiths other book written in 2009- Health, Wealth and Strength
What you need to do :
Follow the plan
Do the homework tasks provided in Health Wealth and Strength
Join the private facebook group , the details of which will be emailed to you once you are on the plan
Enjoy the journey..talk to us on the group and participate, some amazing content and support for you to get so much more than just a body detox!

Just 17.50 to kick start

new eating habits…



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