We know  the term ‘spring clean’ in relation to our homes very well.

To clear out the clutter, clean in the dark and high places where you usually don’t get to. Strip covers and curtains , vacuum beds. you get the gist 🙂

What about us? Our bodies, our diets, our old thought patterns, our lives in general?

I’ve been thinking about this over this past weekend as we have started our 7 Day detox as a group .

It’s only day Two and already I can feel how much better I slept, how I’ve had no energy slumps and no brian fog, (Brian? Who is Brian? !) BRAIN fog 🙂 Having a spring clean of my food intake is feeling wonderful.

During this week as I run a group support for the Detox there are also some small Mindset Challenges that I will be presenting to the girls within the small friendly group.  I know and can see evidence every day of of how much changing my mindset has change my life and I see it changing my clients lives too.

Anyway back to Spring !!

Our bodies naturally want to open up, shed skin, clear out and streeeetch..

We are coming out of the hibernation period of winter. And its a great time for us to clear out the dead wood, and let the fresh ‘us’ bloom!


We’ve been hiding under extra layers, living with central heating on etc etc, yes even me in Tenerife!! My feet live in socks and proper shoes almost all winter!! I’ve got a quilt and a blanket on the bed and I’ve had most of the windows closed for months!

I’ve just re-launched  our Month of Mobility over on the facebook page. Simple easy movements to make for EVERYONE, regardless of fitness levels.  It’s perfect for us to get started with at this time of year! And in our Detox we have a quick body weight workout. So we can help if you need it!

But generally, just get moving!! Go out for a walk, do a series of 5 exercises each morning before you even leave your bedroom. Take the stairs instead of the lift..

Your body will thank you for it as it starts to feel the blood being moved around the body in a gentle loving way. In spring the body naturally diverts energy to the muscles, your body will start to perform better & complain less 🙂


Its all about new energy in spring. Getting more sunlight, the spring flowers bloom..

Take this opportunity to breathe in that new energy and get your nervous system calm and relaxed.

Practice deep belly breathing to help clear out the lungs, stretch out the diaphragm and torso, let your body know its finally time to break out of hibernation mode!


As its getting warmer we are  more inclined to eat more cold foods! Salads, fruits, fresh vegetables,  which of course all become more abundant on the shelves too, so it’s easy to be inspired on a shopping trip! I don’t know about you but if I have a basic plan and plenty of veggies in I really enjoy cooking proper food. ( I was reminded of this  again just this weekend!!)

But doing an actual Detox is a great way to clear out any unwanted, harmful toxins from the body and reduce inflammation. It could be that you have been ill during the winter and had medication, maybe you have just had more carry outs due to the cold dark nights.. whatever, Its rarely a bad idea to have a detox cleanse in one form or another.

Anything from a juice cleanse to a carefully selected plan eliminating harmful foods is a great idea!

I usually recommend that people do some preparation before a detox, the more intense the detox the better it is to clean up some habits before hand so you have even more chance of success and less detox die off  symtoms!

A Detox doesn’t have to be just about the foods we eat! It can be about the thoughts we think, the people we mix with .. are there any areas here that you can detox too?

Use this list as a guide of what you can focus on detoxing…

  • Reduce fat and sugar in your diet.
  • Eat organic natural foods.
  • Avoid toxins present in stale cooking oil and leftovers.
  • Don’t use tobacco or alcohol.
  • Avoid or cut out entirely packaged food, junk food, and fast food.
  • Take active steps to reduce everyday stress.
  • Practice yoga and begin to meditate.
  • Stay out of situations that trigger toxic emotions like anger and anxiety

Lets talk a little bit more about mental detox.

We spend so much of our lives running from one thing to the next, on our phones, keeping up with messages, responsibility etc etc. A million and one things going on in our heads at any one time. Because of this, we don’t spend enough time with ourselves.. I mean really with ourselves. meditation is a great way to do this and meditation really doesn’t  have to be complicated. !! It can be something as simple as sitting quietly and agreeing with yourself that you will let the thoughts that come to you just arrive, acknowledge them and then let them go without dwelling on each thing.  It can take practice, yes, but it’s worth it!

You can’t change what you aren’t aware of! Being quiet allows you to just have things come to you, answers to situations, clarity. usually we all know the answer to any given situation BUT we are so busy, being busy  and occupied that the active brain never allows the  ‘us’ inside to answer things.

I recently went for a coffee in the morning. I decided to leave my phone, my book, my diary  and anything else that I would usually busy myself with whilst multitasking and just BE.. I was startled by how many times I had to drag my attention back to the flower pot in front of me, away from the mental chatter that ensued as I was just watching the world go by.

So now I am learning that what comes up while I just sit, doesn’t need to be solved in that moment, or even that day. Sometimes its doesn’t even need to be solved 🙂 I can just acknowledge it and let it go.. But I do often  get some lovely reminders about things that I had forgotten about while being busy, really important things.. like family, birthdays, a nice event, feelings, and things that just, are 🙂

Mental Detox can also take into account negative beliefs that we have about ourselves! Believe me when you start, you may be surprised by how many are lurking under there!

I challenge you to write 5 things that you love about yourself right now! And if you can’t think of 5 things you love about yourself, get in touch with me!! I’ll help you find them on a free 20 Minute Clarity Call!

So in closing.. Spring is here




Take time to just Be

And clear the mental clutter

Learn how to love yourself a little more and beat up on yourself a little less..Start to love yourself and your life, exactly where you are and watch it all change into something even better!

Need some help?

All Change Starts June 1st 2017!!! It’s an 8 week online programme designed for exactly that: All Change!








Spring is a wonderful time to have a clear out… in all areas.

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