Driving  to pick the boys up today after a full day at the clinic I realised that I had today had three Spanish speakingdual_language_program clients, two of which have been coming to me for a cople of years now. Whilst all three have a reasonable level of English we never speak English with each other.

It made me remember when I came to the Island of Tenerife, close to 9 years ago. I had more than one complete flakey about not being able to communicate in my own natural way on a day to day basis. I believe there was one which I threatened to throw myself off the balcony if we didnt move to an English speaking country ASAP!

Those of you that know me know I like to communicate, often with silly comments or jokes.. but this part that was missing in Spanish was killing me.

But day to day jokes and chatting aside. I NEVER thought I would be able to conduct my business and talk about technical physical issues in a second language. but today I realised .. Yes I can and I do. So for those of you out there that see the majority of our posts in English and believe it’s due to a lack of ability to communicate in Spanish, it’s not. Although my written Spanish still needs brushing up on, verbal communication is just fine so please don’t let that hold you back from making contact with me to book a session or ask any questions you may have! As for the dual language posts I’m working on it 😉

I am grateful to the family, friends and co workers that have helped me develop my langauge skills over the recent years and all the experiences that have led to me having a deeper and wider understanding (and vocabulary ) 🙂

Sending much love and gratitude to wherever you are in the world from Tenerife.

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