Today I have realised that we are half way through the year of 2016… it’s passing in the blink of an eye.._MG_3363

All the plans that I had made for the year … many still remain un accomplished, I can say the same for plans I had for last year, and the year before…. I can honestly say that 7, 12, even 20 years  years ago that would never have happened. The last 6 years of my life have seen immense changes and challenges that many people don’t go through in their entire adult life.. never mind in 6 years.

I am at a place now of pondering and deciding which way to direct my life .. my business..For me, My Business is just one way of me being my best self. I really can’t imagine doing anything else.. and while there have been people in my life that really didn’t and still don’t understand that.. well that has more to do with them than me.

I am now planning the next phase of where to take the offerings at Origins Wellness.. I am regularly reminded when consulting with clients that the range of care, knowledge and general help that is given to the very different individuals that make up Origins family of clients goes above and beyond, a massage, a physio session, a personal training session, a rehabilitation plan.

I am also aware that life has had me take my eye off the ball a little in respect of aftercare. Please, please, please, I ask you now, if you have been waiting for information or contact from me and it hasn’t arrived.. please drop me a message..

Plans for the coming months:-

  • Start writing regular blog posts again
  • Make a concrete system and service for Stroke and Brain Injury Rehabilitation here in Tenerife
  • Deliver Online coaching via Skype & Webinars
  • To deliver 2 online courses .. All Change online & Practical Emotional Release Techniques
  • To have a residential session here in Tenerife .. a womens workshop.. All Change…
  • To  implement a new exciting technology here in Tenerife More info coming soon 🙂
  • To give more!!! 🙂

Sending much love and summer sunshine to you all, wherever you are.






Half way though 2016
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